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chronological bibliography on color theory

Compiled by José Luis Caivano
With the assistance of Paulina Becerra
Collaborators: Juliana Agostinelli, Rodrigo Amuchástegui, Gracia Cutuli, Mario Echegaray, Julieta Garavaglia, Mabel López, Cristina Manganiello, María Luisa Musso, Manuel Net, Andrea Pappier, Pablo Valle

Color Research Program, School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires
Grupo Argentino del Color

E-Book. ISBN 978-987-24707-4-6
Chronological Bibliography on Color Theory


OSBORNE Roy. 2015. Books on Colour 1495-2015. History and Bibliography. Raleigh, NC, USA: Lulu Press, Thylesius Books. ISBN 978-1-326-45971-0 (English) info