Photo: Gilles Christ

towards colour…

Every day we become aware of and react within our different contexts through sensing colour. Day or night, whether revealed through natural or artificial light, colour serves everywhere as an encoded message signifying the natural or man-made, the inert or animate. Using colour to grasp and evaluate our surroundings, we react to and within its changing presence and thereby are also ultimately responsible for the meaning and significance attributed to it.

ad chroma is a young non-profit association maintained under the French contract association law of 1901 and dedicated to “light-material-colour appearance.”

The objective is to identify converging interests in using “colour” and “colour appearance” as a transcultural language in research, practice, and communication to overcome general and professional isolation.

ad chroma is committed to being open to different kinds of approaches. Enhancing both individual and collective positions, a network of professional specialists and the wider public, as well as representatives of industrial, academic, private institutions and associations, ad chroma will promote a diversity of ways of addressing and expressing colour across domains in reflection, research and application.

An open-minded and critical sense, a distinctive way of looking is needed…

ad chroma
Michel Cler

Sky or water: What do you see first?
Photo: Michel Cler